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Herbed Paleo Chicken & Apple Sausages with Maple

We continue our pre for our detox/cleanse with a recipe that could also easily go under the category, Ode to Fall, seriously-don't those sausages look delicious? 
This recipe was a throw it together, I am craving salty & sweet-a pms fav, and I want this to be easy while tasting good, kind-of-thing.
Comfort food and not heavy.
I got these bad boys together in no time and we all enjoyed the results. 
I don't know what it is about chicken, sage, apples, and fresh thyme. 
They meld into this delicate and fun combination that delights while feeling familiar. Think, sitting in front of a roaring fireplace with hot cocoa, leaves crunching under feet when you walk, the smell of the first crisp autumn morning. Or one of those wonderfully vintage, old time, soda shoppes that serves egg creams and rootbeer floats. Refreshingly new when they arrive but familiar because we know and love them. 
I personally love food with a nostalgia vibe, maybe it's because I am getting older and creature comforts, fond memories, and food with those I love, are memories I cherish and feel so blessed to have. 
If you are eating Paleo or whole foods, you are going to like this recipe a lot. Here goes!


450 g Ground chicken
1 tsp Kosher salt
1/2 tsp Ground pepper
1/4 tsp Ground sage
1/2 tsp Poultry seasoning
1 tsp Ground garlic powder
1/2 tsp Ground onion powder
1/4 tsp Ground bayleaf
1/4 tsp Nutmeg fresh scraped
1 tsp Herbes du Provence
1 tsp Fresh thyme
1 tsp Maple syrup
1 Stalk celery, grated and squeezed of all the water
1/2 Cup onion finely chopped and sauteed lightly in 1/2 tsp butter
3 Tbsp Extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) For cooking, not to add in recipe.
2 tsp Butter (For cooking, not to add in recipe)
1 Cup Grated and squeezed until drained of all liquid, red apple. McIntosh is great
1 Egg
3 Tbsp Ground almond meal

-Combine all ingredients in a bowl, except the olive oil and butter which are for cooking the sausage patties.
-Use a medium scoop and scoop 12 sausage patty rounds on a parchment lined tray.
-Use the back of a table spoon to gently press down into patties, do not press too hard. You want it to have shape and be about 1-1 1/2" thick.
-Chill in freezer for 10 minutes.
-When they are done chilling, remove from freezer.
-Heat skillet with EVOO & butter in it.
-Cook each patty on each side until nice and golden brown, on a medium heat. Takes about 4-6 minutes.
-You can serve with mashed potatoes and buttered brussel sprouts for a beautiful simple meal.

I froze half the patties and took two out at a time to cook in a hot pan with fat, I cooked them straight from frozen and had no problems with them what so ever.The pics down below show you how great these came out, I ate smashed peas and broco with mine. Another day I even made a simple salad using these patties as my protein source, have fun with it and be bold!


Drain the water out of the celery and carrots by squeezing them hard between your hands, all the liquid comes out and you are left with great flavour additions that won't make your patty's turn into wet mush.   


              My scoop used here is the one I find perfect for filling cupcakes. 


                    Don't press too hard, shape not flat! 
                       Look as good as they taste!


Hope you like them, leave your comments down below and let me know how this recipe works out for you. I love hearing all about your kitchen adventures.

Macrobiotic Cabbage & Shiitake Miso Soup

Good day people,

Today it's all about the Japanese Macrobiotic healing foods love.
Seaweed and Macrobiotic goodness, this recipe originally hails from Kristina Turner's Macrobiotic Self-healing Cookbook/Workbook. It's actually two decades old but is, in my opinion, one of the best introductory Macrobiotic books on the market. It is a favourite and I refer to it often, especially when I am cleansing. I feed this recipe to Macrobiotic newbs and unsuspecting meat mouths, they all really enjoy it and go back for second helpings and a doggie bag of it. I changed the original from barley to a gluten-free friendly version. It's delightful and I recommend making it a day in advance as it tastes better the second day. 

1 onion diced
2 cloves garlic minced
1/4 tsp sesame oil
6-8 Cups water
1x 6" strip of kombu (seaweed)
2-4 dried shiitake mushrooms soaked in warm water for an hour then chopped 
1 carrot diced
1 stalk celery with leaves
1 bay leaf
1 Cup green cabbage diced
1/2 Cup brown rice cooked
2 Tbsp Rice miso

-Place strip of kombu in a bowl and cover with water, soak 15-20 minutes. Once soaked, chop into pieces (see pics).
-In a blender, blend rice with 1 Cup water for 30 seconds, keep aside.
-In a soup pot on medium heat, heat oil and then sauté onions for a few minutes until soft.
-Add carrot and celery, cook for 2 minutes stirring often.
-Add garlic cook 30 seconds then add mushrooms, kombu and water. Stir.
-Add rice water mixture, bay leaf, and stir.
-Bring to a boil then simmer for 45 minutes.
-I will sometimes add a peeled & grated burdock root and an organic vegetarian herb stock cube but this is a personal choice. If you use one or both add it at this point, stir it well, then add cabbage and cook 15 minutes more.
-Leave on burner and turn off heat, after 15 minutes stir in the miso. Never add miso to boiling or super hot items as the heat kills off the beneficial gut bacteria and enzymes. I will often leave out the miso until the next day when I re-heat it, as I prefer the richness and intensified flavour that improves overnight.
I would not recommend freezing.

              Soaked & chopped kombu seaweed:
                    Burdock root:

           Miso only at the end:
          Bonne healing appetit! 

Detox Waters & Water Info.

Water water, tasty, healthy, flush your body waters and Zzzzzzzz's.
Good day beautiful people,
We are back from a 3-day high holiday break, I had a lovely easter with my family and was touched by many inspiring/awakening things I learned about Jesus. I will do a post on that another day as today the focus is on 1 thing we as humans often take for granted.
I grabbed this great short article on the physiological importance/benefits of water by Marjie Gilliam at; and am passing it along to you because we all need to know this:

Water is your body's most important nutrient, is involved in every bodily function, and makes up 70- 75% of your total body weight. Water helps you to maintain body temperature, metabolize body fat, aids in digestion, lubricates and cushions organs, transports nutrients, and flushes toxins from your body.
Everyone should drink at least 64 ounces per day, and if you exercise or are overweight, even more. Your blood is approximately 90% water and is responsible for transporting nutrients and energy to muscles and for taking waste from tissues.
If you are not getting enough water, your body will react by pulling it from other places, including your blood. This causes the closing of some smaller vessels (capillaries), making your blood thicker, more susceptible to clotting, and harder to pump through your system. This can have serious implications in hypertension, high cholesterol, and heart disease. Recent studies have also linked the lack of water to headaches, arthritis, and heartburn.
Have you have ever gotten up in the morning feeling bloated, or tried on a ring or shoe that fit yesterday but is too tight to wear today? Chances are your body is trying to tell you something. If you have a problem with water retention, excess salt may be the cause. Your body will tolerate a certain amount of sodium, however, the more salt you consume, the more fluid you need to dilute it. To overcome this problem, always drink plenty of water.
What if I told you that being dehydrated promotes the increase of body fat? Water contributes to energy storage along with glycogen. Without water, extra amounts of glucose remain in the bloodstream until reaching the liver, the extra glucose is stored as fat. Your body takes water from inside cells in an effort to compensate for a dehydrated state, including fat cells. Less water in your fat cells means less mobilization of fat for energy.
One of the liver's primary functions is to metabolize stored fat into energy. The kidneys are responsible for filtering toxins, wastes, ingested water, and salts out of the bloodstream. If you are dehydrated, the kidneys cannot function properly, and the liver must work overtime to compensate. As a result, it metabolizes less fat. So remember, if you are trying to decrease the amount of fat on your body, drink plenty of water.
Luckily, water is a great natural appetite suppressant. There are three ways we get water into our bodies. We get it from the foods we eat, the fluids we drink, and as a by-product of metabolism. It is always better to drink pure water instead of soda, tea, or coffee. These products actually increase your need for fluids because most contain caffeine, which is a diuretic. Diuretics force out stored water along with certain essential nutrients.
Unbelievably, although unhealthy, the practice of dehydration is sometimes used in sports. Athletes may dehydrate in order to "make weight", competitive bodybuilders may dehydrate before a contest in order to look leaner and more muscular. This is a dangerous habit, as athletes and exercisers need more water than less active people. Reducing water in the body as little as 5% can result in as much as a 20-30% drop in your physical performance, 10% reduction can make you sick, and 20% can mean death. With water pollution on the rise, it is best to drink filtered or bottled water whenever possible.

Time to drop some important water facts on ya!


783 million people in the world do not have access to safe drinking water. That is roughly one-eighth of the world's population. (who) 

More than half of Africa's people lack access to safe drinking water (UN)


The average person in the United States uses between 100 and 175 gallons every day at home. (UN) 


The average person in the developing world uses 2.64 gallons of water a day. (UN) 


2.2 million people in developing countries, most of them children, die every year from diseases associated with lack of access to safe drinking water, inadequate sanitation and poor hygiene. (WHO) 


If all the world’s water could fit into a one gallon jug, water available for drinking would be the equivalent to only one tablespoon. (UNFPA) 


It takes 5 liters of water to make 1 liter of bottled water. 


It takes 2,900 gallons of water to produce one quarter pound hamburger (just the meat) (WHRNET) 


Each flush of the toilet uses the same amount of water that one person in the Third World uses all day for washing, cleaning, cooking and drinking. (WHRNET)


More people in the world own a cell phone than have access to a toilet. (UNICEF/WHO)

In North America, we take for granted our access to clean water ,unless you are in places such as Flint Michigan or Pennsylvania's Delaware River Basin (amongst others), then you are probably just beginning to learn about water scarcity and the dangers of the impact modern choices are having on our water supply. 
It is actually an older documentary and the war is already on for water but all of us need to see this film and the next films I link to.

I am not here to preach to you, I am here to be part of creating awareness in the hopes of affecting change. I am dropping small info blurbs with links that you can click on to find out more(see above). As well as some videos I believe every person on this planet needs to see. The reason this is in this post & being included as part of the 30-Day Challenge prep is because detoxing creates an environment on many levels for positive change. Self-Love spills over into love for all and often brings up very powerful emotions and need to better ourselves and our environment. 


There is a Gasland 2 as well

We North Americans are, let's face it, quite coddled, self indulgent, and down right spoiled. 
We are blissfully ignorant of the abundance, ease of access, and wealth of blessings in our lives; the worst part being is we have perfected two very unattractive traits because of our ignorance. 

1) A selfish belief that we are entitled to whatever, whenever, however, with regardless to impact on others. This becomes a focus on attaining more once we have what we thought we wanted/needed, and then insisting we should have it at all costs while someone else pays the price.

2) The incessant whining, griping and complaining we do about EVERYTHING and ANYTHING! 

Please understand that I am not judging you, I have been just as guilty of these sins as we all have. 
I just realized at one point that things were not going to fill the places of sadness, insecurity, longing, or distress. I also realized that constant complaining and choosing to be a victim would never help or empower myself or others'. 
I needed positive change in my life, Jesus was the way and God showed me a different path. I found places, people, alternatives, and balanced ways to re-establish wellness that has a positive effect on us all.  I did not look back, I have and continue to make strives for balanced wellness in my journey and that is why it is in this post and part of this detox. 
We are not well and our planet is dying, we need to include our global impact in the choices we make. Think you cannot do anything because you are one small person? 
You need to understand the strength in your buying power as a consumer. Don't believe it? Look what happened in the past two weeks, although I do not advocate sugar-laden condiments as a healthy food item, I am going to use it to illustrate my point. In the last 2 weeks a major grocery chain decided it would pull French's tomato ketchup off shelves, owing to poor sales. What this grocer did not realize is that consumer's in Canada were very well informed as to the real reason this was happening and went off on Social media, kicked up a huge fuss/frenzy, that the news media was reporting on it as well. It turns out that Heinz "tomato" ketchup laid off tons of it's employees, stopped using tomatoes from Canada and was basically selling an inferior product that was impacting the lives of Canadian citizens. Many people believed that Heinz was using pressure tactics to remove French's ketchup in retaliation to French's starting their own line of ketchup, hiring many of the laid-off worker's, and using said Canadian tomatoes. Case in point? The grocer bowed to growing public demands and pressures, we now have French's back on the shelves. 
Why does this matter? 
It is freaking HUGE because it lets those planet destroying, people before profits minded, job cutting while plundering our pockets gluttons, know that WE are the ones who actually hold the power through our purchases and loudly voiced opinions. 
Every time we purchase an item we are telling corporations, governments, media, our planet, and ourselves, where our priorities lie, what we are willing to tolerate, and whether or not our choices matter. 
That is why when you buy soda, small bottled water, sugar laden, GMO riddled, non-organic, chemical-filled, clear cutting/habitat destroying, nutritionally void, water impacting, non- biodegradable items, you are sending out 2 messages loudly and clearly. 
Firstly, you are not accepting responsibility for the choices that you are making. By choosing ignorance, passing the buck onto others and pretending you have no impact, you are a huge part of the problem and not interested in the life altering/life shortening truths we are now faced with.

Secondly, you are letting those in power know that you hand over your desire for health, a productive and full life with high quality; and that you are fine with their desires for money which lead to the ultimate destruction of us all.
This may seem dramatic but the truth usually is because we enjoy being deceived, as it does not require us to leave our comfort zones. If you drink water, eat food, breathe air, then what is happening to our planet and our impact on it are vitally important to you. Even more so if you have children, their future depends on the choices of today.

I know this is a lot to take in but I want the next chapter, to become a turning point in our lives. We cannot fix everything overnight, nor can we allow ourselves to become overwhelmed-trust me, I know how easy that is. We can all do small things that have greater impact in the grande scheme of things. I know you came for detox water recipes and help with prepping for a healthy personal investment, you can still have those but I ask that you commit to loving yourself even further by agreeing to making small, simple, effective changes.
I do not buy small bottles of water anymore, soda pop is not something I particularly enjoy so that is not a purchase I make either unless I am really sick & need ginger ale. Certain items I refuse to buy if they are not organic, and believe me, I am on a SERIOUSLY tight budget; but I still make the effort. This means I cut back in other places and make better choices. 
Pledge the next 5 things as part of loving yourself and this planet, this will have a positive outcome that we can all appreciate and benefit from.

1-No more buying those small bottled waters, get a container that you can re-use and DO IT! If you want flavour, use the recipes that follow for fat flush detox waters and enjoy the benefits and tastiness!
2-No more soda pop or sugar laden drinks/juices. Make your juices or go to the juice bar and have one special item that is better for you and the planet.
3-Read labels before you buy, if you cannot pronounce what is on it, do not know what the "ingredients" are or where they are sourced from, leave it on the shelf.
4-Try to purchase NON-GMO and or Organic whenever possible, and remember Natural does not equal healthy.
5-Ask one other person to make these pledges with you. Passing it on=strength in numbers, together we are unstoppable.

Detox waters are a big thing these days and that is because they have all the benefits of water while delivering an added boost to the metabolism through ingredients that support optimization. You can find loads of recipes all over the web and a very simple one is adding half a sliced lemon and lime to a litre of water but I like to take mine up a notch. The next two recipes are super easy, use ingredients that taste good, are not expensive, and really help flush the fat! I make a full container of these every day and drink the whole thing, then re-fill it 2-3 times more before the ingredients are no longer good. Always keep your detox waters refrigerated when they have ingredients sitting in them.

1.5 Litres water
1 Apple peeled and sliced (the kind of apple is up to you)
1 Stick of cinnamon
2-3 Films of licorice (see pics below) 
2-3 Slices of ginger with or without skin

Add all ingredients to a large container, cover and refrigerate at least 15 minutes before drinking. I leave mine overnight for the best flavour. Drink as often as you please, do not eat the ingredients, leave them in the container. The ingredients can be topped off with fresh water every day, up to 3 days before they are no longer useable.

Films of what's? Yeah, licorice films, those are sticks of whole licorice (not to be confused with the candy) that are sliced down and sold in bulk health food markets or in Asian stores. They are not expensive, have a nice taste, and are a great addition to these waters. Do not worry, I do not like licorice candy but these films do not taste like that.
                                                                  And done!

The next detox water is so fun and refreshing, it turns a pretty pink hue and has a mild tanginess to it that brightens your day!
1.5 Liters Water
3 Strawberries sliced (Can be fresh or frozen)
2 Slices of fresh lime
6 Fresh mint leaves

Add all ingredients to a large container, cover and refrigerate at least 15 minutes before drinking. I leave mine overnight for the best flavour. Drink as often as you please, do not eat the ingredients, leave them in the container. The ingredients can be topped off with fresh water every day, up to 2 days before they are no longer useable.


Here's apic I found on Pinterest where they added cucumbers, lemon slices, strawberries, lime slices and mint. Get creative and have fun making any combo of flavours you like, I am seriously going for mango, mint, and cucumber next.
Just so you know:

Have a blessed day and wonderful start to the week.

How to Prep for a Detox, Juice Fast, or Cleanse Part 1


Hello Lovely People,

Today we are at the jumping off point for a 3 day cleanse and there is a lot of ground to cover for prep, so let us dive right in! It takes about 7-10 days to properly prep for a true cleanse/fast.

Many people get frustrated with diet's because all too often they simply do not work, there have been numerous studies as to the effectiveness of dieting, fad diet's, calorie reduction, low-fat foods, and all that "miracle" in a pill, jazz. 
Bottom line? 
They work in the short term with little to no success. But in the long-term studies have proven that crash diet's have a super high failure rate; and most people end up putting on an additional 10 or more pounds than what they weighed before the crash diet began. 
Crashing is not good, no one wants their plane to crash, or their relationship to crash & burn, or for things to come crashing through our homes/lives. Then why do we run to crash diet's?
Simply put, we want a quick fix, easy out, least amount of work with maximum results.
This is just not how life works and I am not going to lie to you.
It took time for the weight, health problems, bad habits, negative mind set, and self loathing, to make their mark on you. It will take time to repair, commitment on your part, and it is a life-change; not a for-the-moment change. 
It will not always be convenient, there may be some unpleasant side effects such as detox symptoms, crankiness as chemicals that have been distorting your body leave, headaches when you let go of ingredient's you have been using as crutches to "push" and "get through" your days, months, years. 
Yeah it's gonna be a pain in the hiney, but there is good news.  
You can absolutely do this, there is plenty of support and information at the ready here, and the nice part is that we are doing the slow but steady wins the race approach. So let's put a smile on our faces, be grateful in our heart for this moment, appreciate/love ourselves for the decision to do this, and move forward in a positive light!
We are launching into all the things you will be eliminating from your diet right off the bat before you start. The pictures below are all the NO's that you MUST GET OUT, no exceptions, these must be removed before you begin. I have included dairy & soy on this list but there will be an exception for the first few days with regards to dairy, and some specialty soy that will be mentioned, in our first week; other than that all must be followed to the letter. It may seem harsh, too much of a demand, insane, ridiculous, hard, and out of line. Believe me, it is not; and remember this is the prep leading to 3 Days. 
You can do this prep for those 3 days. Feel free to do it for longer if you like, I will be doing a longer cleanse post in the future, and will link it here.
The main reason for getting these items out is because they are wreaking havoc with your metabolism, kidney and liver functions, endocrine system, stomach, digestion, colon, elimination process, stress levels, heart, arteries, teeth, mind, moods, skin, eyes, ears, nose, throat, lungs,and weight.
Serious claims? These food and products on the NO/OUT list are serious offenders/contributor's to your ill health. I have been on the long road to health recovery from illness and injuries, for much of my life and let me tell you, elimination, transitioning, detox, and wholefoods have had the greatest impact and I am not the only one.
We live in a world littered with toxic minefield's and many of us do not realize just how dangerous it becomes, especially when combined from so many sources. I will provide links below every picture so you can read more about it if you feel the choices are wrong, do not believe in the dangers, or simply want more information.  


*(BTW, this sugar out thing includes Agave Nectar, Yacon, Coconut caramel, & Corn Syrup, I am adding a link to a blog post under this paragraph, I did on why I do not use agave nectar anymore.It also has a great blueberry snack recipe you can enjoy making as a treat item.) I will allow for grade B Maple syrup, Mesquite Powder, Monk fruit, and Organic Raw Unpasteurized Local honey in VERY small amounts.  


*The exception for dairy will be lactose-free yogurt for the first days, a few small slices of Cheddar cheese(this is to ease you off of dairy) as it contains very low lactose, and some bio-k which will transition to dairy-free. Allergy sufferers of dairy can steer clear from day one, alternatives will be recommended with the information I will provide in upcoming posts, along with a simple meal plan & grocery list.


I know you are so not liking me right now, I am okay with it. I send you back love, keep reading and NO, you may not cheat and there are other caffeine items that were not forgotten. Silly bunny, I know all the tricks.


*Soy is going to be out unless it is gluten-free, organic tamari, miso, natto, or tempeh, which are all fermented. Even these will be eaten in VERY small amounts.



*This one is for men & women, no one is safe from the toxic load in our everyday household products, body/beauty care, baby oil/talc, and perfumes. Yes, perfumes, scented lotions, creams, and colognes are all out unless they are 100% organic, natural, contain ingredient's you can pronounce & know what they are. Chemical-free 30 day detox zone!


               Change your soap bars too! You think that lot is natural? NOPE!

*These are some of the worst offenders as far as I am concerned, along with long lasting scent booster beads that cling to you all day, during the night, on your clothes, bedding, coats, socks, etc. Get them out and switch to all natural products. I will provide some pics & links down below. Believe me, it is not "natural" for clothing and towels/bedding to smell like perfume for weeks on end. That's not cleanliness you are smelling, it's carcinogens!


             NO TOUCHIE!
I know, the jewelry was a shock to me as well, as a girlie girl I like my dangly fun inexpensive bobbins and bits but they had to go, so I wouldn't go the way of the dino! The media has been covering this toxic story for the last while here in Canada and what the labs came back with was terrifying; especially since so much of this stuff is marketed towards kids and teens.



Okay, okay, take a deep breath, do not freak out. This was information you needed and now you know, so you can be more aware and make good choices. This was not to upset you, it was to arm you with knowledge that will allow you to remove what does not serve or help you. I am assisting you to reach your goals for better quality of life and to help our planet.  
It is a process, a journey, a gradual change. 
Remember, you can do this, you are not doing it alone and I am not asking anything of you that I have not done. Knowledge is power and you have a right to know what is going on out there in the world and it's direct impact on your health, your family's health, and our planet.

The next section is just a gentle suggestion.
I personally make an effort to wear more natural, cotton or hemp based clothes when I am detoxing. This is because I know that my skin is hyper sensitive & synthetic fabrics doused in carcinogenic fire retardant chemicals freak my skin out; especially when I am cleansing. I am already using an all natural chemical-free detergent, so minimizing my wardrobe and sticking to all natural fibers makes sense. Do what you can, no judgement here, just good informative options which people do not usually consider when detoxing.
 Cotton fibers are great and very soft, plus we usually have jeans and t-shirts's already.
Hemp is amazing and sustainable, there are loads of new fashionable items on the market today so you do not have to worry about it being overly hippie-esque. (Although I do not mind that.)

             Natural alternatives for beauty, skin, house and laundry care:

Steer clear of anti-perspirant, these all contain toxic aluminum and go against the body's natural process for cooling you down. You sweat to keep from passing out, or from getting over-heated, and to clear toxins. Be proud and own your sweat, you earned it! Just bathe every day and keep fresh for you and other's, and switch to using an all-natural deodorant. Btw those pricey, pseudo-natural/hypo-allergenic deodorants are not gonna cut it. My son has recently gone through a small fortune because he has been severely reacting to chemical laced laundry soaps, personal hygiene products, and deodorants. His stubborn refusal to listen has caused severe swelling, painful rashes, weepy skin, and major discomfort. He is now taking my advice and changing to natural options but he has already paid the price on several fronts from not heeding my warnings. Aaaah, boys...        
Let's go to some fun stuff now! 
Right now, these are my two favourite companies: Nova Scotia Fisherman & Green Beaver (I adore green beaver mint toothpaste and Nova Scotia Fisherman Fennel & Bayberry smells like yumminess wrapped in get over here!)


                  These are my haircare products, they smell sooooooooooo good!
While you are at it, you might want to switch your furry friend's over to natural too, we know these kinds of products help out our little Rockstar and he is huggable soft after a wash.

These are my usual laundry soaps, I really like Bio-vert in Classic Cotton or unscented, cannot do floral as it freaks out my nose. (Do not ask Poppa Bear about how I sneeze, I say it is a terrifying monster of doom! He says it's freaking adorable-maybe scary for a mouse? Teehee.) 
I highly recommend, that before you start your 30 Day Challenge, clean house with all natural cleaner's and most importantly wash all your bedding, pillows, clothing, and pj's with natural detergents. This will help out a lot, as when we detox we are prone to some symptoms which are often skin sensitivity related. Read more below as I also offer a great way to combat these!
I am a Dr. Bronner's & Seventh Generation fan for cleaning products:
Rose and peppermint for Bronner's, my floors smell so good when I wash them with the peppermint soap. My hot yoga studio provides the peppermint soap for shower's and it's awesome after a sweaty twisty pretzel workout!

I think that is a great amount of information for Prep. The last things to discuss are detox symptoms and what to expect, as well as steps you can take to combat them. Might I suggest you enjoy today and have fun eating the last of what you will miss, personally, I will be indulging in a small poutine and a bit of salted chocolate. Just keep it small and satisfying minus any guilt, I say relish the moment!

Detoxing usually happens pretty quickly and as we move along over our cleansing days,you will come to find that there are levels of detoxing which are based on what you eliminate, what you are eating, and how you are supporting your body during this detox/self-love process. And it really is about loving yourself so you can feel and look your best, but as per usual, things usually go pear shaped before they get better. 

Detoxing Must's:

1) I cannot stress enough the importance of getting out all the NO's listed above and really sticking to them. Do not worry, you will have a simplified meal plan with recipes and links to other recipes, as well as info graphics, and grocery lists. I will post these every Friday as you will need them to be able to be prepared. For the juice fast I will most likely post that on the Thursday, as I prefer to do my liquid fasts over the weekend and getting through the 1st day on a Friday is usually easiest.

2) Detox symptoms will happen, do not be afraid of them, anticipate and respond accordingly. Let your loved one's know that demanding and travelling events/activities are not a good idea, you may be cranky, sluggish, headachy, impatient, itchy, hot/cold, severely craving, running to the bathroom, a bit more smelly and stronger breathe(as meat toxins leave this can happen), hyper then needing a nap, super thirsty, sensitive, fidgety, prone to outbursts, or just needing a bit more TLC. These are extreme's and people rarely experience so much; often it's mild and requires deep breathes, warm chamomile tea, a rest, and a massage would not go amiss. ;D

3) DRINK WATER! A lot of it, it can be hot, as part of a fat flush water (recipes are in previous posts for this series), an herb tea, with slices of ginger and lemon all nice and cozy warm, or as heated almond milk with a touch of organic raw unpasteurized local honey and cinnamon. Liquid is important as it moves toxins out of your system and helps keep your skin clear and lessens reactions.

4) Juicing is of major importance, not only will it add nutrient dense foods that are easily digested to your diet, but they will give you energy, fascilitate healing, and will elevate your mood.Plus they taste delicious! I am including a morning Citrus Ninja Juice that you can try out on day one and there are plenty of juice recipe posts you can find on this blog, use the search bar on the right and you will be very happy.

5) Rest! Yeah, you, the one who never slows down. (I am guilty of this too.) 
Do not fight the need to sleep, even if it comes on at weird times; just go with it. You don't owe explanations, you owe your body the extra love and kindness. Go for it and make it extra comfy cozy.(Are you getting the impression that coziness is a good thing yet?) Get to bed early too and stick to a sleep routine, you will thank me in the morning.

6) Exercise! Yes, you need to do this part too. Walking is a great way to begin and you can workout at your own pace. There will be a lovely post this Sunday as Day 3 rolls in, to get us all ready for the week. No worries, it will be simplified exercises as I have injuries and am starting at the beginning once again too. It does not matter where you are at, it matters that you move and get outside. It helps clear toxins, improve mood, aids digestion, and gives you something to look forward to. Do it alone or do it with a partner, just go and do it!

7) Remember to make room for God & Love on this journey. Get loads of hugs from those that care the most about you and let them know you feel the same. A 60 second hug releases enough Oxytocin (the feel good drug) to keep you happy for several hours and it helps calm the nervous system. 
Keep writing in your gratitude journal, do Bible reading's, say your prayer's, and remember to do positive self-talk. No negative Nancy's or Mean Mike self-talk, you cannot feel good if you are constantly putting yourself down. Remind yourself every morning that you are beautiful inside and out, you are blessed, and you are loved by Jesus & God. Make room for all the good that is happening and deal with the downs by responding instead of reacting. Life comes in waves. Live. Breath. Enjoy. Love.