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Happy St. Patrick's Day!

To mark this special day which is always on the 17th of March, I am putting a cute, not too long post with some Irish inspiration. Btw, the Irish really don't like it when people call it St. Patty's day, they always say St. Patrick's day. 
Now pass the Colcannon with some of that lovely stew & soda bread!
I am also going to send a shot out to my girl Kelly, she is definitely all Irish. So much so that she decided to be born on the 17th. Happy Birthday sweetpea, sprinkling some extra green fairy dust on you, for all the best for the year to grow on!

We do have some Irish in our family tree that originally hails from Scotland and trickles down to Ireland thanks to emigration and some other sordid details. This really adds to my mutt status but a melting pot with extra seasoning makes it all taste nice!
You'll need to forgive the lack of recipes, I had this whole Irish series planned but I have not been feeling well this week and that means kitchen time has been very limited; however, I came across these very ingenious Instagram posts from Wilton's feed and decided to share these sweet treats with their Irish celebration theme.
I adore the cute shamrocks and the rainbows! The next two pics are from Instagrammers that have their own baking businesses.
I liked how they decorated their cupcakes and wanted to share some fun inspiring ideas:

                   Look at these:
If you're wondering where I got the fun holiday stickers, they are from my photogrid app, which I use way too much. It allowed me to play with a pic of our fur baby which I am going to use, along with a prayer to sign off and wish you all a very Happy St. Patrick's day from our family to yours!
                I know, it's too cute indeed!!!!

Paleo Sunday Morning Pancakes

Bonjour my loverlies!

Breakfast foods are my favs, particularly all things brunch. I woke up wanting some good pancakes with a bit of a crisp edge and fluffiness in the middle but they had to be gluten-free and Grain-free, as well as bad sugars-free. I have tried several Paleo crepe, pancake, and tortilla recipes, and the one thing they had in common was that they all tasted so strongly of egg whites that I gagged every time I ate them. I ended up throwing away too many and getting pissed about the money I was losing.
I decided today would be different, so I played with what I had on hand and got a decent pancake. Non-Paleo peeps did not like the coconut/nutty taste but I can't change white flour, gluten- loving, white sugar inhaling, addicted to bad carbs, individual's, and I am not trying to convince those who don't want to know. 

I actually enjoyed them, ate 4 pancakes, which is a lot for me. Now before you think I inhaled 4 pancakes the size of the plate, I always make smaller rounds, leftovers from culinary school and working brunch kitchen days. I miss the big griddle, there's something so satisfying about flipping 15 or more pancakes at a time. 
Anywhoodles, I am posting the recipe as is right now, I think I may tweak it a bit but it was yummy and sustaining, as is.
Here you go... 

1/2 Cup Coconut flour
1 Tbsp Potato starch
1 Tbsp Arrowroot starch
2 Tbsp Tapioca starch 
1 tsp Baking powder 
Pinch pink sea salt
3 Tbsp Organic honey
1 Cup Almond milk soured with 1 tsp lemon juice and stirred
1 Tbsp Vanilla extract 
1 Egg large
3 Egg whites
1/4 Cup Grape seed oil

-In a medium bowl combine dry ingredients, reserve. (keep aside) 
-Buttermilk almond milk with lemon juice and stir well. 
-In a separate, dry, clean bowl, whip whites until soft peaks for. 
-Make a well in the dry ingredients, pour in buttermilked almond milk, add whole egg and vanilla, mix well. 
-Gently fold in egg whites and honey. 
-In a pan on medium low heat, heat 2 Tbsp grape seed oil and check if hot by dropping a dot of batter. If it sizzles around the edges of batter, it's hot enough. 
-Cook each pancake for about 2 minutes and flip, cook for another 1-2 minutes. Must be golden on each side, these pancakes do not bubble like a regular batter, so you must watch closely so they don't burn. 
Makes 8-10 pancakes. 
Enjoy with maple syrup and remember to share with someone you love. 

Unicorns & Things I Love on a Saturday

Allo World!

Woke up feeling pretty happy and totally loving life today, I am grateful for the blessings in my life. When I wake up feeling this good I usually get silly and want to put aside all the difficulties and have some youthful fun! 
My first thing is to send my beloved a silly wake up text with one of my favourite things, a unicorn pic of moi. 
He's gotten used to the sparkly, bubble heart, puppy loving, environment protecting, cookie baking, all things pink liking, panda obsessed, Appa wanting, Spongebob watching, anime, Harry Potter and documentary adoring, Unicorn nutter that I am; which is how I knew he was the unicorn for me! I am sure we'll end up being the cool cosplay couple wearing this at a Comic con someday in the future. 
My geekery knows no bounds but it's all gravy because I am happy with it, it's a glorious expression of my youthful heart and an appreciation of some cool stuff life has to offer which I am taking full advantage of, while God grants me the time. 

I have a pressing need for blowing bubbles, it's windy, cold, and still depressing winter here, if you look outside, but why do that when you can blow bubbles? 

I seem to be wearing down the soon-to - be permanent roommate to a point where this just might be a bathroom reality! 
You laugh but this has been a 3 year, wearing it down process, I think this was one of the first things I discussed us having in our home together at the 4 month mark of our relationship. Think it was too soon? Nah, he knew he wanted to marry me the first month and I couldn't help but fall for his handsome, sweet, funny, delightful, Jesus loving heart. Plus when your man knows you and texts this kind of stuff, I say:
I have found some other fab geekdom items for our home, check it out:
                               Shut up and take my money:  
                           Panda speakers! How do I not own these already?:
Panda speakers!!!!
                  Nerd DIY! How to make a Rubik's Cube coffee table, by Better Homes and Gardens. '80s forever.:
This lamp for my PB, and seriously, it's awesomness will be appreciated by geeks everywhere, who come to visit.
      My lamp:

And who doesn't want a S'mores pillow on their couch?
                       S'mores Pillow Warmer - Always Room for S'mores. Make these your new warming pillow companions.<p>Smores-shaped oversized plush heated pillow-Soft Plush Fabric<br>-Large oversized:  
That's all for today folks.
I am off to do something that most likely involves sparkles, bubbles, my booboo, baking, and movies. Have a wonderful start to the weekend lovelies!

Maple Blueberry Muffin Raw Cereal

Awwww yeah!

In keeping with sugar shack/cabane a sucre month, and the Bien Confit! gf maple giveaway, I believe a maple goodness recipe is in order.

I am gearing up for spring and that means stocking up on all things raw, vegan, whole food, and uber healthy. I like to do a major cleanse between April and May which involves, raw vegan, juice fasting, colonic irrigation, and yoga with plenty of fresh air and tea. It's pretty intense but I notice a huge difference from before & after. So, I start making my raw vegan cereals, crackers, protein snacks, and anything else that needs dehydration in March. Being prepared makes the whole experience much less stressful and enjoyable. I had loads of blueberries, almonds, and maple syrup, and I wanted a Muffin. This cereal was born out of cravings & it was amazing! We really enjoyed the flavour and I am amazed by that blueberry muffin taste, minus the fake and unhealthy ingredients. So many people eat store bought or fast food muffins in the morning, not realizing they're eating glorified cake with tons of sugar and bad fats. 
It's not fuel, it's fumes that leave your tank running on empty. This recipe is gluten free as always, satisfies the craving, is chock full of good fats with fiber and protein, and because it's raw vegan, there are enzymes waiting to help you digest. I also made sure to keep it soy free, corn free, refined sugar free, & dairy free(no duh, it is vegan). 
You will need an Excalibur dehydrator set on 105 degrees, raw food setting, for this recipe and it takes a full 24 hours to dehydrate but it's well worth the effort. 
Hope you enjoy it as much as we have and I may add a small bag to the draw, if people are interested, leave a comment down below.

(vegan, gluten free, soy free, dairy free, refined sugar free) 

Ingredients :
2 Cups Almonds, raw and soaked overnight then rinsed well. 
2 Cups Almond milk 
1/4 Cup Maple syrup 
1/4 tsp pink sea salt
2 Tbsp Golden flax ground
3 Tbsp Tiger nuts ground
1 Cup frozen blueberries or fresh

-Soak raw almonds overnight and then drain and rinse thoroughly before using. 

-In a good blender, blend almonds & milk until smooth. Put in large bowl. 
-Add maple syrup, flax, tiger nuts, and salt. Mix well. 
-Add blueberries last, mix in quickly but do not over stir. 
-Spread out on parchment or liners for Excalibur telex sheets, this recipe makes 2 trays. 
-Dehydrate the spread for 10 hours, check the cereal, should be dry enough to peel the paper off and flip. If not, wait another hour or two then try again. 
-Once flipped, (Do not be concerned if some parchment paper sticks, it is easily removed when the cereal is completely dry.) place back in dehydrator for 14 hours more. 
-Gently break up the cereal into bite sized pieces, it should break and be crisp, if not the cereal needs to dry a bit longer. - Store in an airtight container, will keep for several months. 
-Serve with almond milk or crumbled over yogurt. 

Remember to share with someone you love & let me know how this recipe turned out. I love to hear from you.

Take care, be well, love freely...

5 Ingredient Almond Snack Spread

Morning lovelies! 
I am running around uber early because I have tests for my thyroid and that means restless night, early morning, not much appetite or time to cook. 
You know those mornings and days when you are so pressed for time that eating healthy in a short amount of time seems impossible? 
That's when I throw together this yummy, quick, simple, and paleo grab then go spread. If you are vegan, feel free to substitute the honey for maple syrup, I don't ever recommend agave nectar anymore because research has shown it to be just as bad for you as corn syrup, high in fructose, which is the kind of sugar cancer thrives on, and I noticed before any research came out that my body was reacting negatively to it. Honey and maple in small amounts are a much better alternative and whenever possible please try to do organic honey, from local sources, where been keepers are being responsible and not contributing to our precious bee's demise. Without bees, our all important pollinators, we loose food. Period. 
Make an effort to find out more and get involved, and remember that your purchases make a tremendous impact. By buying organic honey you are telling big corporations that you don't want pesticides destroying our food supply, insects, animals, and the environment. 
I think Einstein said it best:

Here is a simple recipe for a Tasty Tuesday morning, hope you and yours have a blessed day.


2 Tbsp Almond butter 
1 tsp Cinnamon ground
2 tsp Organic honey (can sub with maple syrup or omit and use stevia) 
1 tsp Vanilla extract 

Mix all and spread on slices of apple or banana, great on celery with raisins or on gluten free toast. 

Enjoy and remember to share with someone you love.

Compassionate Christian Heart

Today we look at:
Mark 14:3-9
Jesus Anointed at Bethany
3 And while he was at Bethany in the house of Simon the leper, as he was reclining at a table, a woman came with an alabaster flask of ointment of pure nard, very costly, and she broke the flask and poured it over his head. 4 There were some who said to themselves indignantly, “Why was the ointment wasted like that? 5 For this ointment could have been sold for more than three hundred denarii and given to the poor.” And they scolded her. 6 But Jesus said, “Leave her alone. Why do you trouble her? She has done a beautiful thing to me. 7 For you always have the poor with you, and whenever you want, you can do good for them. But you will not always have me. 8 She has done what she could; she has anointed my body beforehand for burial. 9 And truly, I say to you, wherever the gospel is proclaimed in the whole world, what she has done will be told in memory of her.”

I love how Jesus treated women, it is a point in Biblical writing that women were accepted, not brutalized or down-gressed, treated with respect, and valued, in Jesus's ministry.
At a time when women had no rights; were property of the men in their lives, were viewed as being prone to hysterics or sexual deviance, nothing more than ignored chattel.
They were constantly being dismissed, portrayed in a negative light, and then Jesus and God intervene and women have importance. Mary is chosen to carry this child Jesus, the angels will protect her, Mary Magdalene is beloved of the Son of God, women witnesses his resurrection, he does not chide or deride the woman who anoints him with oil then washes his feet with her hair, he protects a woman who is about to be stoned to death; there is more but for now this is enough to express what I want to say.
As a woman, there have been many times in my life when reading the Bible has been painful because women were so oppressed during this period, feminism was not even a notion, and it was hard to connect to the messages in certain chapters because of it. I wasn't the only one who felt this way, as I came to find when it was read with other female followers; sometimes we would need to pause to regroup and not lose the message in the written example of man's corruption.
I found it important to recall the time it was written, where we were then compared to modern times(although women are still treated as second class citizens in many parts of the world), that the corruption in the human heart does not reflect God or the love that He and Jesus have for us.
Women, children, men, and animals, experience cruelty, the most horrendous and heinous treatment at the hands of humans. It bruises the soul, breaks the heart, and brings up feelings of righteous indignation to see these things, to know of the injustices done in the name of insecurity, greed, and evil.
We can all too often can be left feeling helpless, discouraged, and think about giving up. This is the enemy's game, not one we were intended to play but to be vigilant about, and to overcome. But not alone.
Remember 1 Peter 5:8
Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.

I have always believed that beyond social conditioning, learned behavior patterns, social norms, gender roles, and corrupt dealings, deep down inside we know right from wrong. Before learning any of the "moral" codes of life, because we come from a place that is pure love. It is imprinted on the soul of every man, woman, and child.  
This is why we need to come back to Jesus's teachings, refresh our memories and heart's with his tremendous capacity for kindness, compassion, and pure love. These words are so very true:

Have a wonderful start to the week and remember to share the best parts of yourself with the world, which are: compassion, kindness, understanding, and love.

Spice Slathered Chicken

A very happy Saturday sweetpea's,

It's a day to make yummy noms but as it is the weekend, I want you to not get stressed or tired. Great food can be simple, use ingredients you have on hand, and come out boomtastic!
This is a great time saving, super duper easy, and Oh! So delicious recipe. 
Warning, it's one that gets gobbled up quickly and the scent wafting through the house will tease your taste buds mercilessly; it's worth it to wait. 


1 Chicken weighing 3-4 lbs 
or 5-6 legs with thighs. 
Spice slather: (all spices are dry & ground) 
1 tsp thyme 
1 tsp poultry seasoning 
1 tsp bayleaf
1 tsp cumin
1 tsp onion powder
1 tsp fresh ground black pepper 
1 Tbsp kosher salt
1 Tbsp garlic granules
2 Tbsp Mild paprika 
1/3 Cup Extra virgin olive oil 
2 Cloves pressed garlic

-In a bowl, mix all spices, fresh garlic, and then mix in olive oil. Be careful to stir slowly so oil doesn't splatter. Reserve. 
-Place clean chicken in a shallow baking dish lined with tin foil. 
-Very carefully lift skin away from flesh but don't remove it, you want it for cooking. 
-Once prepared, put on gloves, begin slathering the wet spice mix 1 tsp at a time under the skin onto the legs, breasts, and then do the same to the skin outside. Keep some for the cavity. 
-Rub it into the skin and rub the rest into the cavity. 
-Cover with plastic wrap and let sit in fridge minimum 4 hours or overnight. 
-Preheat oven to 450 degrees F, cook the uncovered chicken for 15 minutes and then lower the heat to 225 degrees F and cook for 1 1/2 hours. 
-Remove from oven and baste, place back in oven for 2 1/2- 3hours. 
-Remove from oven, make sure that when you poke the thigh that the juices run clear of blood. If not, then cook for an additional 30 minutes. (I don't usually need to but ovens vary, as do size of chickens. The chicken will fall off the bone when ready. 
-When removed from the oven, tent the chicken for 10 mins. before serving. 
-Enjoy hot with your favourite potatoes and greens,and share with someone you love. 

I made this when I was out in the country, for friends, and the recipe was such a hit. I was asked for it quite a few times. Here you go ladies, enjoy!
 Take care, be well, love freely...